In the day I hide in caves and under rock ledges. Happy Fish luderick is wild caught in some of the most pristine and carefully monitored fishing grounds in NSW: the Manning River, Wallis Lake, Smiths Lake and the Myall Lakes. 

I’m a tough fighter and strong swimmer, feeding primarily on sea grasses, molluscs and worms. I’m sexually mature at about 3 years, live till 11 years, and grow up to 40cm. 

Seine and gill nets. Seine (haul) nets surround an area and are hauled either from the shore or from the boat itself. Gill (mesh) nets are a large net wall that hangs vertically in the water column and the fish swim into it. Environmental impacts of harvest methods is largely dependant on HOW nets are used. For more on sustainability and quality measures visit individual fishermen profiles

Harvested with care and iced immediately, ensuring  fish are rendered unconscious in seconds. This reduces fish resistance, lactic acid and maintains glucose in the flesh, enhancing the delicate texture, sweet flavour and contributing significantly to longer shelf life.

When handled with love, a moist, soft, sweet and delicate tasting fish. Do not be deterred by the bad rap it often receives due to poor harvesting &  handling techniques.

Image Source: Sharing a Joke~ Luderick shot in Sydney region by Richard Ling