Happy Fish is a business proposition with the environment as the bottom line. 100% of profits go to support ocean regeneration, research and education. We don’t advocate eating fish, we advocate that if you do; eat it as sustainably as possible, celebrate where it came from and enjoy it to its fullest.


• Happy Fish must meet the highest sustainability standards. We work with the very best marine and fisheries scientists in the country to assess each fish-a team of eminent, independent and concerned marine scientists

• The scientists have created a new benchmark for sustainability assessments in collaboration with the Australian Conservation Foundation, regarded by many as the gold standard.

More than sustainability this is about regenerative fish. The assessment process is designed to leave each fishery in a better place than is was found.

• Assessments are designed for Australia’s unique diverse marine ecosystems and smaller scale fishers, with fish assessed at the local fishery and even individual fisher level for greater accuracy

• The scientists and Happy Fish ensure the process is targeted and affordable to facilitate unprecedented access for smaller-scale family fishers to high quality sustainability assessments.

• Blockchain tracking secures creates an unbroken supply chain from the ocean-to-plate and enables seafood sellers to clearly differentiate their offerings from other seafood sold. This builds reputation and value for those undertaking best practice

• Tracking allows consumers to verify provenance and sustainability; and call out fishy substitution and foul-smelling play

• We celebrate the fish tales and the faces behind the fish; weaving the narrative of the fish’s journey to your plate

• Connecting diverse stakeholders to create transparent seafood supply chains and a groundswell beyond the marketplace

• Creating a community of like-minded individuals from the best in their respective industries, who want to inspire and empower fishers right through to the end consumers to think and act sustainably when sourcing seafood