HABITAT Rock Flathead is the most prized of the 40 or so flathead species in Australia, and is only found in the southern regions of Australia

Happy Fish Rock Flathead is wild caught in Corner Inlet, South Gippsland Victoria. This is one of the most pristine industry-free estuaries in Victoria, surrounded by national parks and dairy farms. The Inlet is made up of a series of islands, channels, and banks which are mostly covered by seagrass.

Flathead, do not have swim bladders that keep other fish afloat. This makes them perfectly adapted to hide in the seabed like crocodile, waiting for the currents to bring their supper. This passive hunting is also aided by their long flat form, eyes perched on top of their head and ability to change colour to match surrounds

Typically flathead grow up to 60 cm and 2 kg.


There’s a code of practice instigated by the Corner Inlet fishers to sustain the fish populations and habitat. Our fishers restricting themselves to a maximum of 2 seine net “shots” per day. Juveniles and unwanted species are released in the best possible condition so they can swim away unharmed.

As a general rule, environmental impacts of harvest methods are largely about how the equipment is used as much as what equipment is used


Harvested with care and iced immediately ensures the Rock Flathead is rendered unconscious in seconds, minimising any suffering. Being kind to the fishies reduces stress and lactic acid, and maintains glucose in the flesh. This enhances the taste, texture, tenderness and shelf life!


Characteristic sweet flesh is especially delicious, white, fatty, mild tasting, and firm flesh