Joel Best

Joel Best

39-53 Campbell Parade North Bondi NSW 2026
Phone: (02) 9300 9886

His Story
Known for its fresh seafood at reasonable prices, Joel Best’s Bondi’s Best has become a firm favourite amongst locals. Think traditional fish & chips, sushi, as well as selling fish fresh off the boats AND the greatest of rarities … the food is so fresh and simple, you can eat it several times a week and still not get sick of it!

Proprietor Joel Best honed his skills at some of Australia’s best seafood restaurants. He’s fastidious about the sources of his seafood and how it’s been caught. This comes from his unflinching commitment to quality and sustainability.

It starts at the oceans and how it is caught and handled. The less the animal suffers, the better the taste and quality of the fish. Our belief is that seafood done right is one of life’s great joys!

We focus on quality and sustainable products. Our prime focus is on buying line caught fish for the quality, and being a targeted fishing practice there is no by catch….

Much more work is needed to clarify for the public, what is sustainable and what is not, there are a lot of grey areas.

Joel’s knowledge and passion for sustainably sourced fish, coupled with the joy he derives from sharing with customers, makes him an ideal advocate to spearhead sustainable seafood in Bondi Beach.

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