We love what we do, we want to look after it and keep fishing

Brett & Kallan Cripps & Jarrod Griffin

Location: Corner Inlet Victoria


Their Story

Brett and Kallan Cripps are 5th and 6th generation fishers. They are joined by Jarrod Griffin to complete the crew. The Cripps family have fished the Corner Inlet Victoria for the last 130 years. Fishing is in the blood and was not a choice.

The Corner Inlet is 24 x 29 Kilometers. It is surrounded by national parks and dairy farms, and is one of the most pristine industry-free estuaries in Victoria.

Brett says: We take pride in our catch, how we catch, how we handle it.
There’s a voluntary code of practice designed by the fishers to sustain the fish populations and habitat, and we’re going to have it made law.
Since this interview they have succeeded in making the code law, protecting the Corner Inlet fish and ecosystem.

As custodians as well as fishers of Corner Inlet, these are the kind of fishers we want to encourage