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Fish Supplier



Location: Great Lakes Fisheries. 7 Boona Street Forster NSW


Phone: 0418688284 (Phillip- Managing Director)

Its history

Great Lakes Fishery (GLF) was recently built by brothers Graeme and Philip Byrnes and 4th generation master fishermen. It is their dream fishery, attracting small scale family fishermen and women who share a common goal of taking less out of the water, in favour of handling and delivering seafood of an exemplary standard.

Making Ice from the Sun!
At part of its forward planning, GLF will provide free ice to all its fishers and aims to become carbon neutral by making ice out of the sun.Photovoltaic cells will harness the sun’s energy and quite literally convert it to ice. Ice has been foremost in the planning for 2 reasons:

  • Ice is a big ingredient in ensuring quality seafood from the very instant it is landed
  • Ice is very energy intensive and a lot is needed

Great Lakes Fisheries holistic approach brings many environmental and personal benefits for the fishers such as :

  • Reduced numbers of fish removed from the water reduces ecosystem habitat destruction and leads to greater fish numbers and ocean resilience
  • Less effort is expended catching large quantities of seafood
  • The fishing effort is directed towards targeted harvesting and careful handling of the seafood
  • The care taken results in the highest quality harvest, delicious tasting seafood with a significantly longer shelf life

The sweetest fish
Minimising fish resistance and therefore suffering, stops lactic acid from infusing the flesh and ensures the sweetest tasting, delicate textured fish, as well as an increased shelf life. The wonderful taste of the seafood has everything to do with the harvest methods and rendering the fish quickly & deftly unconscious.

The fishers in the Great Lakes Fisheries prize each catch as something special and valuable. If consumers are educated about the difference from a gastronomic as well as an environmental and fish welfare POV, it’s going to be great for the fish, fishermen and consumers.

Great Lakes Fisheries