Neville Clarke

Neville Clarke

Corner Inlet, Victoria
Phone: 0417 378 462

His Story

Neville is a 3rd generation fisher, his family have fished the Corner Inlet in Victoria for 120 years. Corner Inlet is the southern-most point in Australia. The Inlet is surrounded by national parks and dairy farms, and is one of the most pristine industry-free estuaries in Victoria. Its waters are the from Bass strait and the Southern Ocean. Which are amongst the cleanest and most nutrient rich in the country.

Fishing is hard work and relies on unpredictable weather conditions, but Neville loves what he does and reckons he has the best “office” in the world. He is passionate about the wellbeing of the Corner Inlet environment, and in particular the important role of seagrasses.

“Recently we succeeded in having our own Voluntary Code of Sustainable Practice made law. The Code restricts our effort to a maximum of 2 Seine Net “shots” per day, and to 6-8hrs a day. No habitat no fishing. I just want to leave a sustainable fishery behind.”

As a custodian as well as a fisher of Corner Inlet, Neville is the kind of fisher we want to encourage