Yellowfin Bream


As a baby I remain in the sheltered shallows of the estuary. Happy Fish yellow fin bream is w ild caught in Wallis Lakes NSW- one of the most pristine and carefully monitored fishing grounds in NSW. These are brackish-part salt, part sweet-waters.

I turn from male to female after spawning season. I can also change from bronze coloured in freshwater, to silver in estuaries. I’ma  carnivore, a fighter and have  a predilection for oysters, small fish, bottom dwelling worms, crustaceans and invertebrates. I used to be found as big as 65cm and 5kg, but today you’ll find me around half the historical maximum weight.

Seine and gill nets. Seine (haul) nets surround an area and are hauled either from the shore or from the boat itself. Gill (mesh) nets are a large net wall that hangs vertically in the water column and the fish swim into it. Environmental impacts of harvest methods is largely dependant on HOW nets are used. For more on sustainability and quality measures visit individual fishermen profiles

Harvested with care and iced immediately, ensures fish are rendered unconscious in seconds. This reduces fish resistance, lactic acid and maintains glucose in the flesh, enhancing the delicate texture, sweet flavour and contributes to a longer shelf life.

Light flaky flesh, this is not an oily fish. It has a mild taste, similar taste to flathead. Each fish has a subtle unique flavour.  

Image source: Curious Bream ~ Yellowfin bream inspect a barrel sponge by Richard Ling